primer for self levelling compound


Product Code: PRIMER 1LTR

Available in 1 litre, 5 litres or 20 litres

Pre-pour primer is a ready-to-use dispersion primer for sealing substrates prior to laying Hotwire Self-Levelling Compound (SLC). Pre-pour will help to stop pin-holing in the finished product and will greatly improve the adhesion of the SLC. Pre-pour can also be used as a bond improving agent in many cementitious tile adhesives prior to the fixing and laying of ceramic tiles onto old tiles, well-supported wooden substrates and other smooth surfaces.

Priming is crucial prior to the application of Hotwire self-levelling compound. Failing to properly prime the floor will lead to reduced adhesion, reduced flow and greatly increase the incidence of pin holing in the finished product. Pre-pour primer should be applied directly from the container and should not be diluted.

Surfaces must be dry, sound, free from dirt, dust and separating agents. Apply pre-pour with a short nap paint roller or a paintbrush in a crosswise fashion in an even coat. The approximate drying time of the primer is 40-60 minutes at 50% relative humidity and 20°C. Further applications can only be done after the first coat has thoroughly dried.

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Technical Specifications

Basis Styrene Acrylic Polymer
Colour Milky, translucent after drying
Application temperature At least 10°C
Cleaning With water before it is dry
Storage Frost-free, 12 months in original unopened packs
Consumption & coverage approx. 50-70 mls/m2 or 14-20 m2 per litre (depending on how porous the substrate is)