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Radiant Ceiling Panel 1000W (Frameless)


Product Code: IC1000-Plus

With built-in thermostat receiver.


  • Size: 63 x 153 x 22 cm
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Touch Screen 24/7 programmable thermostats or Wi-Fi option.
  • All fixing materials are included for an easy installation
  • Wire hangers are available for a high stud (3m<) or commercial application
  • Room design wattage = 80 – 100 w/M depending on R values.

Ceiling/Wall Operational Cost Guide

Size Costs per single heater Thermostatically Controlled
Wattage 1000
Coverage (m2) < 16
Costs per day @ 6 Hrs a day $1.32
Costs per Month $39.60
A storage cycal rate will reduce these costs by 30% $11.88
Total Approximate Cost per Month $27.72

The above calculation is based @ .22c/kwatt/Hr.
Assuming the heating is on for 6 hours per day (3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening).
Costs per month have been calculated on a 30 day month.
Radiance FIR Heating stores heat in solid objects, creating heat storage and on ongoing heat delivery therefore providing an extra 30% energy saving.
Every 10C reduction in the temperature setting of your thermostat will result in a 5 – 8% reduction in power usage cost over 24 hours.
The above calculation is approximate only and will vary depending on temperature set, operational hours and energy costs etc.

Note: We need to indent for large project numbers with an approximate 8 week lead time.

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Technical Specifications

Heating Element NicWire
Surface Temperature 75°C - 95°C
Back Temperature <40°C
Electric Conversion Efficiency 98%
Life Expectancy ≥ 100,000h
Wave Length 8-15µ
Front Surface Powder-coated Aluminum Sheet
Radiation Length <3.5 m
Frame Frameless
IP Rating IPX2
Over-heating Protection Yes
Power Cable Length 2 Meters