Silent Fans

Silent In-line Fans

Product Code: DV-PP-SILENT

The axial-radial ducted fan is a state-of-the-art ventilation solution complete with a plastic housing. The rotor blade design provides high efficiency of operation, and the double- layer sound insulation system with a perforated inner duct brings down the operating noise to extremely low levels. This ducted fan model features a non-return damper to prevent back flow. The installation and removal are easy as a result of clip fasteners which require no tools.

The ducted fan supports the DV-REG-L-1 speed controller.


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Technical Specifications

Diameter Ø (mm)VoltageFrequency (Hz)Protection RatingTemperature Range (°C)
100mm or 125mm23050IP44-20 / +60
150mm23050IP44-20 / +60
200mm23050IP44-20 / +60
Output Level
Diameter Ø (mm)SpeedPower (W)Current (A)Speed (rpm)Air Flow Rate (m³/h)Air Pressure (Pa)Noise Level (dB)
100mm or 125mmMin280.13185024810622