extractor fan for bathroom

Silvento KL Series Extraction

Product Code: KL30/60orKL-EC

The Silvento KL Series extractor fan is ideal for bathroom, laundry, and other areas that require improved moisture control or heat ventilation.


  • Ideal for the retrofit market
  • Includes the housing and can be installed in suspended ceilings and walls
  • Switch between three optional air flows – 30, 60 or 100m3/h – depending on your changing requirements
  • Elegant low-key design
  • Air flow made on the rear side no dirt sediment is visible
  • Flat front screen and compact exhaust fans
  • Surface mount measures 260 x 260 x 23mm; flush housing measures 235 x 235 x 92mm
  • Extractor fan for bathroom and laundry have four design options available, from manual control through to automated control with humidity control
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Technical Specifications

  • Single room flush mounted fan for sanitary cells, drywalls and ceiling installation in suspended ceiling
  • Simple clamp assembly: Clamp length up to 42mm
  • With conical exhaust vents (DN75 to DIN80) and airtight non-return flap
  • Installation position of flush-mounted housing with exhaust vents possible to left, top or right
  • Adjustment of non-return flap to installation position via simple re-positioning
  • Filter change display in front panel with washable filter of filter class G2
  • Includes sound absorber
  • Three flow rate levels: 30, 60 and 100m3/h
  • Can exhaust through soffits or roof (80mm diameter exhaust)
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted