exhaust fan

Silvento V Series Extraction

Product Code: V30/60orV-EC


  • The V series exhaust fan is ideal for new builds as it comes pre-wired and can be installed in suspended ceilings and walls
  • Switch between three optional air flows – 30, 60 or 100m3/h – depending on your changing requirements
  • It has an optional two-room capacity whilst using only one fan
  • The exhaust fan insert can be combined with one of the various Silvento housings
  • Rated and/or basic load operation possible
  • Volume flow switchable to 30/60 m3/h
  • 230V AC 50Hz
  • Power consumption of 5.2 and 10.9W, free-flowing
  • Sound power levels * 24 and 35 dB(A), free-floating
  • Filter change indicator in the front of panel
  • Regeneratable filters as standard
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Technical Specifications

  • Two room flush mounted fan with filter change display in front panel for use in flush mounted housings
  • Simple clamp assembly depending on the installation position of the two-room connection bottom, left, right or top
  • Whisper quiet operation, from 20-35dBA
  • Maximum energy efficiency, operating at 5-11 Watts
  • Concealed behind an elegant face plate
  • The Silvento housing can be applied to any ceiling or wall
  • No disturbing noises

  • Distribution of flow rate level 1 room 2/3, 2 room 1/3
    Three flow rate levels 30, 60, 100m3/h
    Static pressure available 150 pa
    Power consumption 5.2/10.9/36.5W