SlimAIR Units

Product Code: HRU-SlimAIR

The HRU-SlimAIR HRV is designed for residential buildings. The HRU has a capacity of 250 m3/h @ 100 Pa, generated by energy-efficient EC fans. A plastic (PET) counterflow heat exchanger is responsible for heat recovery. An ERV version with an enthalpy exchanger that recovers moisture is also available.

Built-in electric preheater protects heat exchanger against freezing, wireless radio communication connects controllers and sensors, and all of it is enclosed inside a self-supporting, insulating EPP casing. SlimAIR HRV can be installed in up to 3 positions, thanks to a special condensate drain system.



  • 3-position mounting and 2 condensate drains
  • Access to filter replacement from two sides
  • Only 242mm high
  • Light-weight construction – only 29.5 kg
  • CF constant flow system
  • Built-in pre-heater
  • PET or enthalpy exchanger (moisture recovery)
  • One person installation thanks to a special mounting rack.
  • An easy-to-access USB port
  • Modern casing made of expanded polypropylene (EPP)
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation of the casing
  • Energy-saving EC fans
  • Intelligent automatic bypass control
  • Wireless control, also available through a mobile application (Android and iOS systems).
  • Wireless sensors for DCV (Demand Control Ventilation): CO2 and RH
  • Replaceable duct connectors
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Technical Specifications

Speed 30% 70% 100%
Thermal efficiency [%] 89.90 85 82
Enthalpy efficiency [%] - - -
Noise [dB] 42.8 53.5 62.9
Power consumption [W] 14.8 39.5 91.5
Weight [kg] 29.5
Filters ISO Coarse 70%
Speed 30% 70% 100%
Thermal efficiency [%] 85.6 75.3 71.5
Enthalpy efficiency [%] 63.3 44.5 36.6
Noise [dB] 42.8 53.5 62.9
Power consumption [W] 14.3 37.1 90.3
Weight [kg] 29.5
Filters ISO Coarse 70%

Maximal thermal efficiency acc. to EN13141-7 at minimum air flow.

Thermal efficiency in reference point i.e. approx. 70% of maximal air flow acc. to EN 13141-7, in compliance with UE 1254/2014.