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Spooled Cable Kit

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Hotwire under floor heating kit includes everything you need for the area you have selected.

If you are laying over a concrete substrate, don’t forget to insulate for superior performance and choose 180 watts/M² if your heated area is less than 10M².


  • Under floor heating kit Includes:
    • Heating cable
    • Temperature floor probe
    • Continuity alarm/monitor
    • Fixing tape
    • Step-by-step installation instructions
    • Chosen thermostat
  • Free Hotwire spooling cable allows free hand-laying and 100% coverage
  • DIY mats allow for easier installation where the cable spacing is pre-set with a fixing mesh overlay
  • Note: Improve heating performance and operation costs when installing Under Tile Heating on Concrete Substrates see Insulate Mats.

View thermostat range.

Note: Adhesive Spray is generally only used on concrete substrates and only when tape doesn’t stick to old and or powedry concrete. We can include spray but the following price per unit will apply.

  • Kits (150w to 900w – requires 210ml Adhesive) by $20.00
  • Kits (1000w to 3000w – requires 575ml Adhesive) by $28.00

For multiple (6+) kit orders we can separately courier a box of Adhesive Spray freight Free with your order.

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Technical Specifications

Size Calculator: Measure the exact “net” m2 heating area. Exclude any floor obstructions such as benches, WC areas and shower trays. E.g.: 6m2 les shower tray (1m2), WS (.5m2) and bench (1.2m2) = 3.3m2 x 150w = 500 watt heating element required.

Note: With concrete floors under 5m2 we recommend using a formula of 180w/m2. The calculations are based on an electrical rate of 29 cents per kW/hr.

Size Wattage Coverage Costs per day @ 6 hrs a day Costs per month
Small 300-400 1-3 $0.52-0.70 $15.6-21
Medium 500-600 3-4 $0.87-1.04 $26.1-1.32
Large 700-1200 4-8 $1.22-1.59 $36.54-62.64
Small 800-1000 5-7.5 $1.39-1.74 $41.76-52.2
Medium 1000-1250 6-9 $1.74-1.65 $52.2-65.25
Large 1500-1750 10-12 $2.61-3.04 $78.3-91.35
Small 1500-2000 10-14 $2.61-3.48 $78.3-104.4
Medium 2000-2500 14-17 $3.48-4.35 $78.3-130.5
Large 2500-3000 17-24 $4.35-5.22 $ 130.5-156.6