T3100 Fan Controller

Product Code: T3100FC

T3100 Fan Controller senses Room Temp ( Hot Room ) and when the Room Temp goes above a set Temp ( which can be changed by the user ) it would turn the fan on to transfer the air.

If the probe wire is installed with the TR3100 Fan Controller, then the wall controller can be installed in another room and the probe in a ceiling grille in the Hot Room and that senses the Hot Room air temp and when reaching set point will turn the fan on. The probe, if installed, will override the controller’s built-in sensor.

When the hot room temperature reaches set temperature (26 Deg C by default), the fan will have 50% speed. When hot room temperature reaches 25 Deg C, 30% speed; and 24 Deg C will be the lowest speed. If hot room temperature drops to 20 Deg C, fan will be turned off.

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