VLAN Internet Module

Product Code: VLAN

VLAN is an integrated network communication system that uses the C14 communication protocol and a special Internet module. The module allows monitoring and remote control of the air handling unit’s settings.

VLAN module (iNEXT) enables:

  • remote communication with the air handling unit via a web browser, and in the case of the Euros unit also via a mobile application (for smartphones)
  • reading of current control panel parameters (e.g, reading from temperature sensors)
  • capacity control of the air handling unit (speed change, ventilation mode)
  • programming weekly operating schedule
  • remote access to all user settings
  • remote access to service settings for the installer
  • bypass flap control

To ensure communication with the Internet, it is necessary to connect the module to an access device with an Ethernet connection – such as a router or 3G/4G mobile network modern.

Thanks to this connection the user can operate the air handling unit online from any place. To remotely operate the air handling unit via the VLAN module, a device with Internet access and web browser support (desktop, computer, laptop, tablet, TV, smartphone) is required.

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