VSHC CO2 Concentration and Humidity Sensor

Product Code: VSHC

The sensor is designed to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide and humidity in rooms. It interoperates with NANO Color room panels (ZEPHYR and EUROS air handling units). When the set value of carbon dioxide concentration and humidity is exceeded, the capacity of the air handling unit is automatically increased.

VSHC is equipped with automatic calibration algorithms. For the indications to be correct it is necessary to ventilate the room in which the sensor is located at least once a month to correct the reference point. After connecting the power supply, VSHC gives a value of 500 ppm of CO₂. The first measured value appears after approx. three minutes. Due to the automatic sensor calibration, the sensor gives correct measurements only after 30 minutes from the power supply connection. To ensure accurate measurements, VSHC should run continuously. The unit can operate at temperatures between 0°C-55°C in conditions where no vapour condensation occur.

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Technical Specifications

Humidity Measurement

Humidity measurement range 0-100%
(Note: Humidity measurement is only possible at temperatures between 0°C-55°C)
Humidity reading accuracy ±3%

Carbon Dioxide Measurement

Carbon dioxide concentration measurement range 400-2000 ppm
(Note: carbon dioxide concentration measurement is possible in the temperature range of 0°C-50°C)
Carbon dioxide reading accuracy ±3% + ±50 ppm (Note: the CO₂ sensor is equipped with an automatic calibration algorithm.)