Awenta Zephyr

Zephyr 405 Air Handling Unit

Product Code: VZH405

Recuperator Features

  • Mounting position – ceiling (suspended)
  • Counterflow heat exchanger with the efficiency of up to 95%
  • Energy-efficient fans with the Ziehl-Abegg EC motors
  • Zephyr 405 Air Handling Unit has automatic bypass, 100% bypass
  • Modulating preheat coil with variable operating parameters (optional)
  • Excellent insulation thanks to the use of the EPP (expanded polypropylene) housing
  • Leak tight structure preventing the penetration of odours and pollutants from the exhaust air into the supply air
  • Possible remote control (iNext module required)
  • Equipped with two filters M5/ISO ePM10 as a standard
  • Possibility of using fine filters F7/1S0 ePM1 with higher filtration class
  • Possibility of using pre-filter
  • Possible interoperation with the VACS-1 air quality sensor
  • Possible interoperation with carbon dioxide and humidity sensor
  • Option of cleaning heat exchanger
  • Long service life
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Technical Specifications

Supply voltage 230 V AC/ 50 Hz
Max. power consumption (without preheat coil) 330 W
Preheat coil power (option) 2000 W
IP protection class IP24
Capacity (at 100 Pa) 417 m³/h
Noise level 51.8 dB(A)
Type of heat exchanger Recair cross-counter-flow heat exchanger
Max. heat recovery efficiency up to 95%
Heat exchanger material Polystyrene
Housing material EPP + powder coated steel
Filter — intake vent M5 (optional - F7)
Filter - exhaust M5
Diameter of air connector 160 mm
Weight 35 kg
Controller type AERO 3 + NANO COLOR
Bypass Fans Automatic 100%
Fans 2x radial fan with EC motor
Internet module (option) iNEXT

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