Radiant Heating

What is Radiant Heating

Radiant heating works by converting electricity into radiant heat. Infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The warmth provided is the same as that produced by the sun.

Radiant heat involves the direct transfer of heat through a wavelength that is most efficiently absorbed by objects and humans. (Not heating the air!) It is 100% safe, healthy and negates moisture buildup.

Radiant Heating Provides Even Heat

The quality of radiant heat in comparison to convection is significant (Heat Pumps). Radiant heat is still and even. Convection heating blows air causing stratification which creates drafts and uneven heat.

People with allergies often prefer radiant heating systems because it doesn’t distribute allergens like forced air systems can, providing not only warmth but also a healthier and more allergen-free living environment.

Efficient Home Heating

Heat Pumps have been popular in recent times due to their ‘promoted’ operational performance. However, one needs to be careful about what is promoted! The performance rating is called a Co Efficient Performance (COP) where a rating is established. Such COP ratings are very dependent on operation conditions.

Radiant heating warms the surfaces, and continues to give off warmth over a period of time, providing its own high COP performance which we believe to be equal to heat pumps but the quality difference is significant.

NexGen Radiant Heaters

NexGen radiant heaters are very efficient, low-cost, and high-efficiency heating systems. NexGen's proprietary graphite and graphene-based nanotechnology offer a cutting-edge heating solution for a variety of industries. Apart from its operating efficiency, far infrared boosts health in significant ways.

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Radiant Ceiling Heating Panels

Traditional convection heaters cannot provide a sensation of health and well-being that radiant heat can. The effect of infrared heat is often compared to that of sunlight.

Infrared ceiling-mounted heating panels are ideal for bedrooms, corridors, utility rooms, flats, and draughty open areas. They provide focused heating that keeps rooms warmer for longer while lowering energy expenses.

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