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    Slim Line Heater 900 Watts

    Slim Line Heater 900 Watts

    The heaters have finally arrived and available now!


    Redwood panel heaters have a sleek and slim design with a full aluminium body for lightness and durability Ideal for bedrooms, hallways and small living areas. The 900W model has 6 fins and it is suitable for 10-12m2 rooms. Comes with a 3 pin plug and the cord length is 1.5m.The cord exits from the rear and from the front view this is the right hand side of the heater. Dimensions are: 554 (width) x 521 (height) x 65 (depth) mm

    Please see Product Description and Technical Specification for further information


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    Regular Price: NZ$462.99

    Special Price NZ$330.70