Summer Heating Saving Tips


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It may seem as clear as day to you, but you can never get bored in summer – even our fictional friend Olaf loves the very idea of summer! And while you're busy making most of the sand, sea and Vitamin D, it's time for you to reward your home heating systems with a deserved break with some heating saving tips.

From your central heating system to your mirror heater, a house full of heating units can cause your monthly energy bill to shoot up. This is especially true during the winter seasons where supplementary heat is a must. However, summer is a different story. For the most part, you won't be waking up with frostbite or gloomy skies. Thus, to ensure you're not spending more than what's necessary, follow these simple tricks to minimise your energy bills.


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Adjust and Reprogram Your Thermostats

There's a low to good chance that your thermostat is still set up for winter use. You may not need that extra heat anymore as the Sun's warmth may be sufficient to keep your space comfortable. Adjusting your thermostat greatly helps in energy saving.

Most thermostats in NZ offer comfort and economy modes that can be modified. For example, if your winter comfort temperature is currently set to 21°C, you can take it down to 18ºC. Small alterations save you a few dollars here and there that eventually add up.

You may also want to delay the start time of your heating systems. In the cold winter, starting your day with a warm room temperature is essential. But this is not the thing for summer. If your home benefits from a direct line of sight with the morning sunshine, you can reprogram your heating system to start later at night or when it gets too cold. But, if it's enveloped by shade in the morning, reprogram your system to get rid of that chilly morning bite.


energy saving tips


Turn Off All Your Heating Systems

During those days when Summer is in full throttle, heaters are an unnecessary cost to keep your space warm and cozy. Turning them off will not do you, your home or your expenses any harm. For electric heating systems, it's as easy as switching them off.

However, for central heating systems, things can be a bit trickier. Turning them off completely for the entire summer may endanger various components, putting them at the risk of seizing or breaking. The Alnor Ventilation Systems offer intelligent automatic bypass control. These modes protect your central heating when the temperature drops to a high-risk level.


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Perform Heating System Maintenance While It's Still Hot

What could be worse than a system breakdown in the middle of winter? Having a dysfunctional heating system means you'll have to purchase a replacement or have it fixed by professionals which may take days depending upon their tight schedules.

By having your maintenance in summer, you'll save some cash and mitigate any frustrating system malfunctions on a cold winter night. It won’t be a surprise to hear that heating engineers have far less workload in summer compared to winter, and over Summer are all waiting for your call to fill their empty calendars.


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Energy Saving Panel Heaters for Emergency Heating

If you find yourself on a cold summer evening, turning on your central heating system heats the entire home for the sake of one or two rooms. This may not be a wise choice if you're someone trying to conserve energy.

For a blast of on-demand heat in chilling situations, panel heaters will fill in the blanks. The elegant, slimline, and highly efficient Redwood Panel Heater is a good example if you're looking for the right summer heating solution in NZ. Its inbuilt thermostat smartly controls the room temperature with 70% convection and 30% radiant heat. And to keep your home secure, it comes with a fuse and thermal cutout.

It's amazing that with a few simple heating saving tips, you can reduce your heating bills, practice energy saving and ensure your heating systems are in top-notch condition. And if you need professional help, the Heating Company provides dependable service in Auckland and across NZ. Our expertise is second to none and our decades of experience mean that you’ll get the best advice possible nationwide for your requirements. Contact us at 0800 432 846.