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Radiance Framed Ceiling Heating Panel


Radiance Framed Ceiling Heating Panel

Product code: HH1206

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Quick Overview:

Radiance FIR (Far Infrared Reaching) Ceiling Heating is the cleanest, ecofriendly and healthy heating available. Ideal for bedrooms, hallways, small living areas and draughty open areas.

We have also heated many Hot Yoga Studios around New Zealand.

 Please see Product Description and Technical Specification below for further information.

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Radiance Advantages:

The infrared waves radiate "healthy" sun like warmth to solid surfaces including floors. These surfaces act like heat storage and therefore provide cost effective operation.

  • Clean and Healthy
  • Kills 99.39% bacteria within the environment and reduces dust. Perfect for asthma sufferers
  • Hidden and wall free
  • Extremely quick and even heat distribution 
  • Easy to use Touch Screen Thermostat - 24/7 programmable, temperature and weekly repetition setting LCD display
  • Comfort and night setback modes (comes on during the night if the temperature drops)
  • Very accurate electronic thermostat for economical operation
  • Thermal overheat and fuse over current protection
  • No oil or water
  • No noise

Note: Wireless thermostat control to panels available for existing building for easy installation.

Product Description:

Radiance heating panels are surface mounted or hung from the ceiling. The ease of installation makes for minimal labour costs.

Design for an average insulated building is typically 100 watts/m2.

Available Panel sizes:


Dimensions (mm)

Approx. m2


627 x 1227 x 23

10 - 12


627 x 1827 x 23


You can mix and match the wattage size panels to suit available ceiling space.

Hot Yoga

FIR heating technology is also highly desired for Hot Yoga Studios. The heating panels at a 9 micron metre frequency, allow the human body to absorb more than 99% of this heating energy. This provides exceptional deep tissue penetration and detox.

Due to the health benefits, fast warm up times, system efficiency and the fact that our heating technology doesn't affect humidity levels, Radiance FIR technology is the ideal heating solution for your hot yoga studio.

 WattageCoverage (m2)Costs per day @ 6 hrs a dayCosts per MonthA storage cycle rate will reduce these costs by 30%Total Approximate Cost per Month

Costs per single heater

thermostatically Controlled

90010 - 12$1.19$35.70$10.71$24.99


The above calculation is based on .22c / klw / hr.

Assuming the heating is on for 6 hours per day (2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening).

Costs per month have been calculated on a 30 day month.

FIR heating stores heat in solid objects, creating heat storage and ongoing heat delivery.

Every 1 degree reduction in the temperature setting of your thermostat will result in a 5-8% reduction in power usage costs.

The above calculation is approximate only and will vary depending on temperature set, operational hours and energy costs.