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Floor Heating


I just wanted to quickly get in touch to say thank you very much for the kind offer on the Lunos Ventilation System. It has certainly made a significant difference to the dampness in the house, especially in the cold few months we have had down here. We have had virtually no condensation and we used to have to get the towels out each morning. And my partner Cat has noticed that a few minor breathing issues have come right as well. So has certainly made a big difference and its really appreciated.

Terry O’Donnell

The art to getting a warm room in the morning with the unit is to give the heater at least an hour before using the shower - this works! We reset the controller to start 30 minutes earlier than before and we find the room is now nicely warmed when needed in the morning.

Martin & Denise Coles

The Lunos in the CLT Build are a very good solution. We are very happy with the ventilation and humidity control provided by the LUNOS units. We had the units on summer extraction mode for all of summer and this worked well. No, there isn't a unit upstairs but potentially something that we should look at installing before next summer. Absolutely perfect at present with the cooler temps - the house stays at a lovely constant temperature and often a shock going outside first thing.

Robert and Angela McKee

Our house has a mix of e2 units, eGo units, and a Nexxt unit. As our building envelope is airtight, exchanging air in a smart fashion is crucial to maintaining good air quality. Perhaps the greatest testimonial comes from visitors, who go out of their way to mention how pleasant our indoor environment is. Cheers!


We have the larger Brookvent 3.1 unit as the house is around 200 sqm. We have found it to be great. We only noticed the sound for the first 24 hours and we don't need to adjust any controls - it's just set and forget.

AJ Weir

Infrared Ceiling Panels

Regarding the Infrared Ceiling Heaters in the bedroom, kitchen and dining room, your installers were fantastic and the heaters are great.Thanks.

Trina Saffioti

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