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Under Tile Heating Solutions in Auckland

Under tile heating is an efficient and elegant way to warm your room. Its beauty lies in its ability to distribute heat evenly throughout your household, getting rid of the need for radiators, and as a result, providing you with more space for furniture or if you want to keep the room uncluttered, clean and simple. It's no surprise that more and more families in Auckland are shifting towards under tile heating due to its effectiveness and space-saving approach.

Importance of Under Tile Heating

Under tile heating works by heating floor tiles through thermal radiation. The thermal energy is then transmitted towards surrounding objects through electromagnetic waves. This process helps in providing uniform heat in the whole space.

Underfloor heating systems offer numerous benefits. The most prominent benefit is obviously having a warm floor. It allows you to experience walking around your home in bare feet with that nice toasty feeling. And it doesn’t get much better than that. The system doesn't spoil your interior design — it stays hidden underneath. It's also recommended for people who suffer from allergies as the heating system does not circulate airborne dust.

Under Tile Heating in Auckland

With winters in Auckland and the seasonal variation in temperatures due to climate change, proper heating systems, thermal insulation, and ventilation are vital. A home that consistently emits a low indoor temperature will impact on individuals’ health, especially during winter seasons. Common ailments that we see in these types of homes include asthma, colds, cardiovascular problems, and pulmonary issues.

The Heating Company has been an active agent of heating solutions since 1994. We have served thousands of families, not only in Auckland but to different parts of New Zealand. Our Hotwire under tile heating system is a result of over 25 years of experiential learning and development. Its energy efficiency will save you money on the cost of energy.

Whether you are planning to heat up your bathroom tiles or your whole home, The Heating Company is here to help. Don’t get stuck in the cold, contact us now.

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