Under Tile Heating Solutions in Christchurch

Under Tile Heating Christchurch

Under tile heating systems are a proven cost-efficient way to warm up your home. It highlights a comfortable and modern-design way of living. What we’ve been seeing over the past 2 to 3 years with our clientele is that families in Christchurch are shifting towards a smarter solution for a chilly space inside their respective homes.

Importance of Under Tile Heating

One of the amazing things about under tile heating is that it provides superior heat distribution across your home. This is because it slowly floats up warm air, unlike traditional radiators. Additionally, the comfort it brings when walking around the floor in bare feet is something you'll look forward to every day and almost always brings a smile to your face.

The system works by using thermal radiation emitted by thin electric heating coils or water heat tubes. The radiant heat warms up floor tiles which makes you feel the cozy warmness. Heat level can be monitored and adjusted using a choice of smart thermostats which is installed throughout the house or inside select rooms. This keeps room temperature steady and equal throughout your space.

Impact to Christchurch's Pollution

Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that amongst most of the major cities in NZ, Christchurch suffers a bit more from air pollution than the others? It’s not what you think either. The contributing reason to such poor air quality comes down to the traditional burning of wood and coal to warm houses. It’s not hard to see why it’s required either given Christchurch’s colder climate during the Autumn and Winter months.

The World Health Organization has set guidelines regarding the intensity of smog and Christchurch often exceeds the allowable level of air pollution. In 2008, the city council banned the usage of old wood burners. They made efforts to fund for home heating system upgrades to reduce the severity of air pollution especially during winter seasons.

This is where the practicality and benefits of Under Tile Heating come in - and with Christchurch homes undergoing a fresh and revitalised design approach in recent years, we’ve seen a surge of installations down South.

Our experienced team in the Heating Company is ready to turn your ideas into reality. For over 25 years, we have designed heating solutions, provided quality products, and installed heating systems to Christchurch. Under tile heating, outdoor heaters, ventilation, thermostats, and a wide range of heating solutions are available here and will surely suit your needs.

Contact us now and keep a comfortable home all year long.

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