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Under Tile Heating Hamilton

Under tile heating is one of the more recent ways New Zealanders have been bringing a welcome warmth to their homes all around the country. It’s pretty logical really. Tiles have a really good thermal conductivity which enables them to heat up quickly and store warmth for a long period. What we’re seeing out there in our business is that homes in Hamilton have been a big part of this nationwide trend, enjoying the comforts brought by under tile heating systems.


Importance of Under Tile Heating

Underfloor heating is nothing new. It’s been with us since the days of Ancient Rome and Greece. Obviously, as the concept has evolved, the way it’s been done has become more sophisticated. Most homes with floors made of tiles have these so-called "cold spots" that give you a chilly feeling every time you step barefoot in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or basement. Under tile heating effectively solves this problem. The thermal heat it emits warms the floor up to the entire room, leaving no trace of "cold spots".

What makes this form of home heating so popular is that it is extremely energy efficient, saving you extra cash from your trove of household bills. Its strategic way of warming the room requires only a heat level of 29°C or less compared to traditional radiators that have to power up to more than 100°C. You'll gladly notice that you have saved up 12% to 15% for your regular heating bills. Plus, underfloor heating doesn't need much maintenance. Once installed, it should provide comfort for years, forgetting the need to take care of it.


Why Hamilton Homes Need One

Outdated heating systems such as the predominant use of old wood burners have impacted the air quality in Hamilton over the last century. Both clean air and warm homes have been categorised as being Hamilton City Council priorities. At The Heating Company, we’ve been providing healthy indoor and outdoor air quality for nearly 3 decades. Our mission is to give you modern, safe, and worthy alternatives for traditional heaters with the double added benefit of being able to help contribute to the reduction of atmospheric aerosol particles.

Providing you with a comfortable home is not just a service, it’s our passion. Get in touch with us for a chat.

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