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Underfloor Heating NZ

Warm Floors Bringing Comfort

For the ultimate in convenient luxury, heated flooring is what The Heating Company does best. It’s what started the business in the first place, after all. Whether you’re after heated flooring for communal spaces or the most intimate rooms in the house, we’ve got underfloor heating NZ, that will suit both existing homes and brand-new builds.

Works With Most Floor Types

floor types

Under-tile heating can be used to warm most hard flooring types and is suitable for the likes of kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. If you’ve got a bigger space, try our in-concrete electric storage heating options which is particularly suited to polished concrete flooring.

There’s often a misconception that underfloor heating for tiles is an unnecessary additional expense. In fact, The Heating Company’s electric underfloor heating flooring solutions are more affordable than comparative products on the market. With underfloor tile heating, the investment is small and operational costs are low because it’s installed so close to the surface and therefore responds quickly. Our in-concrete electric storage heating solutions let homeowners store heat overnight then release it during the day when it’s most needed.

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