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In-concrete Heating

Concrete Heating System

Hard flooring, such as polished concrete, typically uses in-concrete heating. This product is typically used when new concrete foundations are laid and tied to the reinforcing steel at the bottom of the foundation. It is also used when a new 25 - 50 cm concrete topping is applied. We recommend in-concrete heating for zones up to <50 M².

Note: Hydronic heating may be more appropriate for zones larger than 50 M². Please contact us for advice.

Benefits of In-concrete Heating

In-concrete heating certainly will take the chill off the floor and provide a lovely even warm floor. This heating system needs to be set up correctly to optimise efficiency. This means using a floor temperature probe and minimum temperature (night setback), say 16°C, so warmth is maintained in the foundations overnight and therefore does not use excessive energy to get back to the desired temperature when needed. There is a heat storage advantage and suitable if you have a cheaper power night rate.

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