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In-concrete Heating

Concrete Heating System

Hard flooring, such as polished concrete, typically uses a concrete heating system.
This product is typically used when new concrete foundations are laid and tied to the reinforcing steel at the bottom of the foundation.
It is also used when a new 25 - 50 cm concrete topping is applied. We recommend in-concrete heating for zones up to <50 M².

Note: Hydronic heating may be more appropriate for zones larger than 50 M². Please contact us for advice.

Benefits of Concrete Heating

Concrete heating certainly will take the chill off the floor and provide a lovely even warm floor. The concrete heating system needs to be set up correctly to optimise efficiency. This means using a floor temperature probe and minimum temperature (night setback), say 16°C, so warmth is maintained in the foundations overnight and therefore does not use excessive energy to get back to the desired temperature when needed. There is a heat storage advantage and suitable if you have a cheaper power night rate.

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Fantastic service, arrived next day, thank you so much. Originally bought a different underfloor heater but realised it didn't have the safety standards this company has, so returned it to other company and purchased this one, very happy.

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