Under Carpet & Laminate Floor Heating

Hotwire Undercarpet Heating for Warm Carpets

Hotwire undercarpet heating is completely hidden utilising reinforced foil heating mats that sits directly under your carpet. This provides immediate warmth and desired comfort though individual room automated controllers. These combined features makes for very efficient operation.

Undercarpet heating is pure radiant heat, not convection like heat pumps, therefore there are no draughts and is completely quiet. Ideal for allergy sufferers. The quality of Radiant heat compared to a heat pump, which is Convection, is significant. Radiant heat is still and even. Convection blows air causing stratification which creates drafts and uneven heat.

High Quality Heating Mats

The heating mats are custom positioned around beds, and or, furniture and sit between the carpet and underlay. Hotwire has also added a heat resistant Cushion Overlay that sits above the heating mat and protects the mat from wear and tear from the rough underside of the carpet.

The heating mats are fully earthed and RCD protected, 100% waterproof and therefore children and pet friendly, with no protruding cables or hardware.

Compatible Carpets

Most Advanced Heating Foil

Hotwire foil electric underfloor heating is a hard wearing foil designed for durability. The double layer of foil is specifically designed to protect the heating element and achieve an even spread of heat to the floor above.

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