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Under Tile Heating

Underfloor Heating

We have been supplying Under Tile Heating to New Zealand for 30 years. In fact, we were the pioneers. This comment has more than face value! Hotwire is proven and tested and this includes full ASNZ electrical and safety compliance.

Hotwire UTH offers free spooling heating cable for custom installation or DIY Set Mats with set heating cable spacing for ease of installation. Note: when installing on concrete we recommend our free spooling heating cable, for closer spacing and higher watts/M².

Under Tile Heating Benefits

Hotwire Under Tile Heating not only provides comfortable warmth to the floor and room temperature but it also reduces dampness and mold.

Thermostats are the heart of any heating system. Its quality and accuracy are integral to correct and cost-effective operation. Hotwire thermostats are custom designed and manufactured to suit NZ conditions using the latest elegant slim design and high-quality components.

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