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Under Tile Heating

Underfloor Heating

In 1994, The Heating Company introduced underfloor heating to New Zealand for the first time. Now almost 25 years later, under-floor heating has become expected in modern builds, and Hotwire under-tile heating is leading the way when it comes to efficiency and affordability.

Some under-floor heating systems take a lot of time and effort to install, and can be expensive to implement and run. What sets the Hotwire system apart from other systems is just how easy it is to install, both in new builds and in retrofits. We recommend you use one of our registered installation agents, however it’s so simple that knowledgeable DIYers could do it too.

Under Tile Heating Benefits

Hotwire under-tile heating provides comfortable warmth to the bathroom floor and room temperature while removing dampness. Because the heating agents are so close to the surface of the tile, it works quickly and efficiently, saving you money on the cost of energy. In fact, for under-tile heating operating in a typical bathroom for four hours a day, it could cost approximately 20 cents per day to run.

About Hotwire Under Tile Heating

We recommend it be installed by one of our recommended installation agents, located nationwide, however you may install it yourself.

This system has been further improved by quality controllers that improves performance.

We recommend a self-levelling compound be applied over the cable for protection, also providing a flat surface for your tiles.

Waterproofing can either go beneath the cable and self-levelling compound or on top of the cable and self-levelling compound.

25-year manufacturer’s warranty if installed by a certified The Heating Company installer or a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on DIY supplied product.

Controllers have a two-year warranty.

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