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Christchurch is no exemption to the ongoing worldwide problem of air pollution. Most Kiwis including those from the Garden City itself probably don’t even realise that the city's air quality has been affected by contaminants and gases for a number of years now. No good if you’re all about your health and well-being; no good that is if you don’t have a ventilation system.

By definition, ventilation refers to the process of supplying clean air while removing stale air inside a room. Ventilation is essential for commercial spaces and homes to maintain indoor air quality, control humidity and comfort levels.

One of the most common types of ventilation systems in Christchurch is Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR). MVHR systems, in simple terms, provide ventilation with heat recovery functionality. In other words, they’re able to draw in clean air inside your home without letting heat flee away. These systems are well-known for their efficiency in preserving up to 93% of heat from the air they expel.

Depending upon the architectural design of your house, it may need a specific type of Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation. Listed below are the most common types installed in the houses and establishments of Christchurch.

Centralised Heat Recovery System

This type of ventilation system warms incoming air from outside by extracting heat from wet rooms. The fresh warm air is then distributed to habitable rooms, which include living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. A single main unit connects all rooms using ducts as a medium for airflow, requiring sufficient ceiling space to be installed.

Decentralised Heat Recovery System

Decentralised ventilation systems are much easier to install and implement. The system uses fans to supply and release air. Heat recovery is achieved by recycling thermal energy from the stale air and transferring it to the fresh air. This makes it an ideal heating system for individually ventilating rooms.

Installing a heat recovery ventilation system in your Christchurch home costs nothing compared to the benefits it brings to you. What we’ve found in our dealings with our customers down there is that some homes are adequately ventilated but lack thermal control and decent heat containment.

If you've been wanting to install or improve the ventilation system of your home, The Heating Company is an expert you can trust. We offer a free quotation and assessment for your space.

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