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Ventilation Systems Hamilton

A heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system is essential for climates like Hamilton. An HRV system will ensure proper airflow and room temperature at a level healthy for you and your household.

Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Ventilation is taken to the next level with the onset of heat recovery technology. A mechanical heat recovery ventilation system solves the struggle of bringing fresh air into your space while ensuring heat doesn't escape. It can give you a warm well-ventilated home at a minimal cost and saves you a lot with your heating bills.

The two most common ventilation systems Hamilton are centralised and decentralised heat recovery systems. Depending upon the structure of your home, either one of the two can provide amazing benefits.

Centralised Heat Recovery System

The centralised HRV system works by extracting stale air from wet rooms, which includes kitchens and bathrooms. The stale air normally contains moisture and heat. After the extraction, the polluted air is then transferred to the main heat exchanger unit which retrieves back the heat. Then, the acquired heat is passed on to the incoming clean air which is allocated into habitable rooms. This non-stop process ensures a contaminant-free indoor air and a warm home. With sufficient loft space, centralised heat recovery systems are recommended. Otherwise, its counterpart is advisable.

Decentralised Heat Recovery System

Decentralised HRV systems are installed individually in single rooms. The units are placed through the wall of a room. It supplies fresh air from outside and expels stale air while recycling its heat otherwise be lost from the extraction. When installed in every room of the house, its efficiency is the same with centralised heat recovery systems. The beauty of a decentralised HRV system is that it is much easier to install.

On average, people in Hamilton spend most of their time indoors either at home or in an office. That only means, making sure that what people breathe in should help in achieving optimal health. Unfortunately, a good number of houses and establishments have contaminated air. Constant exposure to pollution can lead to respiratory diseases. Thus, proper ventilation with heat recovery is essential.

The Heating Company is known for its high-quality heat recovery ventilation systems Hamilton and NZ. Our MHRV systems achieve up to 94% heat recovery efficiency while maintaining healthy ventilation. Get in touch with us for a free quotation for your space.

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