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A home that isn't designed with thermal retention in mind in Queenstown is indirectly wasting money. Plenty of families in Queenstown have seen the huge benefits of heat recovery ventilation systems, both in their well-being and heating bills.

Over a period of time, people tried to find ways to maximize the efficiency of heating systems. They made sure that homes were built as airtight as possible to prevent heat leakage. The efficiency issues were successfully solved in this way, however, that introduced another problem - people were left breathing polluted indoor air.

To put it simply, heat recovery ventilation systems are the cutting edge solution for home heating and ventilation. Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation, or MHRV, expels stale air out from your home without losing its precious heat. Incoming fresh air is heated up using the heat from the expelled air. There are two common setups of MHRV in Queenstown.

Centralised Heat Recovery Ventilation System

A centralised HRV system is composed of four components: the main unit with heat exchanger, an incoming vent, an outgoing vent, and a system of ducts. Wet rooms like the kitchen, utility rooms, and bathrooms accumulate contaminated air filled with moisture. This stale air is expelled through the duct, goes through the heat exchanger where heat is recovered and goes out via the outgoing vent. The restored heat is then used to warm incoming fresh air the moment they reach the heat exchanger. The warm clean air is then distributed to habitable rooms.

Decentralised Heat Recovery Ventilation System

A simpler version of centralised HRV systems is called decentralised heat recovery ventilation system. This type of heating and ventilation system does not require the usage of ducts. A standalone unit is placed on the wall of a room. The HRV unit acts as a nose that breaths in the fresh air and expels contaminated air out. It's also able to restore heat from the outgoing air.

Though it is not yet feasible to perfectly retrieve all the heat expelled from MHRV systems, The Heating Company offers up to 94% heat recovery efficiency. Our products are incorporated with the latest technology. If you're about to explore ventilation options for your home in Queenstown, contact us now for a free assessment.

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