The Right Type of Ventilation System for Homes in NZ


Heather: If you're building a new home, you should listen to our next guest. Now we have Richard Adams from The Heating Company, who specialises in mechanical heat recovery ventilation system for homes and home heating. Hi Richard.

Richard: Hiya Heather.

Heather: Now Richard, we know about the need for home ventilation, but I believe there is some confusion about the correct type of ventilation.

Richard: Yeah, well that's right. The ventilation systems promoted on TV are positive pressure systems, and they're very basic and limited. They're not suitable for new airtight homes.

Heather: Oh, why is that?

Richard: Well, new airtight homes hold in the polluted air. The mechanical heat recovery ventilation is the best solution to clean the living environment, minimise other heating requirements, and then saving on your operational savings. But incoming clean air comes from the outside, not the dirty ceiling cavity. But exhausted dirty air transfers 95% of the energy for your paid for heating, to the incoming clean air. Now this provides a dry, clean home, mitigates cleaning, and saves you money. Heat recovery ventilation also has the ability to exhaust all the hot air out during summer, through your home. And the investment is moderate, the operational costs are negligible. But correct ventilation is not just about you and your family health, it protects your furnishings, and your investment.

Heather: Great. Thank you so much, Richard. So go to

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