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Homeowners in Tauranga who have switched to heat recovery ventilation systems have told us that it has resulted in better energy efficiency for their homes. Thanks to these HRV systems in Tauranga, your home too can be filled with good quality air without losing all that essential heat.

Homes regularly need a change of air in order to keep a healthy living space. Wet rooms like bathrooms, kitchen, and utility rooms produce a huge amount of moisture inside our homes. When left unattended invisible dust mites, moisture-thriving molds, and a greater risk of respiratory conditions will be problems you'll have to deal with. Natural ventilation (opening windows and doors) is an obvious answer to this obstacle. However, if you do that during Winter, you're going to burn all the money you spent on home heating.

It's important to know which type of ventilation system suits your home. What we’ve found is that people in Tauranga are shifting towards these two most common HRV systems:

Centralised Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Centralised HRV systems best work with houses and buildings with airtight rooms and a spacious ceiling. The more air that passes through the heat exchanger, the more effective the system is. A single compact unit is installed above the ceiling space with a system of ducts connected to every room. As exhausted air from wet rooms passes through the heat exchanger, its thermal energy is recovered. Incoming fresh air is then heated using the stored heat and is supplied to rooms where you most commonly stay.

Decentralised Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Decentralised HRV systems are known for their versatility since they don't need ducts to work. It means you'll have all the freedom to choose where to install the system. Decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems expel stale air while transferring its heat to incoming fresh air - similar to the centralised system. However, instead of a system of ducts, the decentralised unit is installed directly on the wall of a room.

Installing heat recovery ventilation systems in homes is an investment that will last for several years. Tauranga may experience variable climates that will put the condition of your home to test. An HRV system will ensure you'll get the most comfortable environment possible. When deciding which ventilation system you'll install in your home, it's best to consult the experts. The Heating Company is all ears to listen to your needs and guarantees to provide you with the best ventilation system design for your home. We are one click away, contact our team today.

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