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A number of Kiwis struggle with damp and condensation in their homes, particularly during the colder months. HRV Ventilation helps by pushing out stale, damp air and replacing it with dry, filtered air to help reduce condensation and mould. Our exclusive nano-fibre filtration technology helps to reduce allergy triggers such as dust, mould, and pollen – great if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. Create a comfortable living invironment™ in your home, with HRV.

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See how HRV Ventilation can help with the following issues.


    Living in a mouldy or damp home is not just uncomfortable - it's dangerous to our health. Discover the benefits of our nano-filtration on your home.

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    According to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ, 1 in 7 Kiwi kids and 1 in 9 Kiwi adults take asthma medication – that's 521,000 people.

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    Learn more about how HRV Ventilation can solve your prolonged moisture and condensation issues in your home.

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How Home Ventilation Systems Work

The lungs of your home


Using our exclusive nano-fibre filtering technology, HRV's Total Ventilation Solution purifies the drier, warmer air from your roof space before distributing it evenly throughout your home.

By creating positive pressure, the stale indoor air is flushed out and replaced with drier, filtered air. This helps reduce mould, excess condensation and odours, making your home healthier and more comfortable.


The windows were dry, the air felt cleaner and the house felt warmer - we were blown away by the systems effectiveness.

Palmer-Goudie Family - Auckland

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LUNOS eGo System

High efficiency motors, with state-of-the-art technology. Very low power consumption ensuring that it is unique in terms of energy efficiency. German engineered ceramic core heat exchanger recovers heat. If a LUNOS ventilation system has already been installed, an ego can be used in existing outside wall air outlets

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LUNOS The Nexxt K

Low energy consumption from 5W at the lowest setting of 15m3/h; up to 45W at the highest setting of 112m3/h. High energy recovery efficiency (two heat exchanger options to choose from: counter-flow (90%) and cross-flow (75%). Whisper quiet operation, well below 20 dB for settings of up to 30m3/h.

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Aircycle 3.1 HRV system

Suitable for medium to large apartments and dwellings up to 300m2 Wall or floor mount including side or top duct connections. 0.37 W/l/s Specific fan power. 93% Heat recovery efficiency. The new aircycle 3.1 Heat Recovery Ventilation System comes with award winning technology..

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Aircycle 1.2 HRV system

Combining market leading heat exchange efficieny with extremely low energy usage, the Aircycle 1.2 provides superior air comfort whilst minimising heat wastage. Suitable for areas up to 170 m2, 93% Heat Recovery Efficiency, 0.53 W/l/s Specific Fan Power

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Silvento V30/60 Extraction

If you are looking for a "high end" quality extraction system with innovative features, then look no further!!, The V series is ideal for new builds as it comes pre-wired and can be installed in suspended ceilings and walls., There are three optional air flows 30,60,100m3/h, you can switch

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Silvento KL30/60 Extraction

If you are looking for a "high end" quality extraction system with innovative features, then look no further!!, The KL series is ideal for the retrofit market and comes inclusive of the housing and can be installed in suspended ceilings and walls., There are three optional air flow 30,60,100m3/h, you can switch between...

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Hotwire Spooled Kit

Hotwire Spooled Cable Kit includes fixing tape, glue, continuity monitor and the fully programmable Touch Screen thermostat. Also included is our step by step instructions. You can choose to have under tile heating installed in your home by one of our Registered Installation

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Home Ventilation System Manuals

The HRV ventilation system touchscreen has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, but sometimes an instruction manual does lend a hand. If you've lost yours or have moved into a house with an HRV ventilation system, you can download a PDF here.


HRV Manuals Warranty