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Complete Product Warranties

  • Under Tile Heating - 10 years warranty or 25 years when installed by The Heating Company Installers
  • Thermostats/ Controllers - 2 years warranty
  • In Concrete Heating - 10 years warranty
  • Heated Towel Rails - 2 years warranty on 201SS 
  • Mirror Demisters - 5 years warranty
  • Radiance Ceiling Panels - 5 years warranty
  • Redwood Panel Heaters - 5 year warranty
  • Lunos - 5 year warranty
  • Brookvent - 5 year warranty

Warranty Policy

Warranties vary by product as above. All products cover any fault, defect or failure occurring as a result of the manufacturing process. Damage or faults occurring as a result of misuse, accident, or wear and tear is not covered by our warranty policy. If the product is still under warranty then the repair will be at our expense including the freight to return the repaired or replacement product. If the product is out of warranty, then we can still have the product repaired, however, the cost of the repair will be charged to the customer.


Product Installation

Installations must comply with THCI Terms of Trade, Warranty Policy and Installation Instructions and Claim process.

If THCI accepts responsibility, the warranty will only cover the cost of the replacement or repair of product, and or, 'immediate' floor coverings. The Installing Company must notify the customer of these conditions in the original Installers Quotation/Warranty and the customer is responsible for keeping adequate spare floor coverings.


This Warranty Does Not Include:

  • Calls to replace batteries programme or re-programme thermostats and/or controllers.
  • Calls to correct electrical installation carried out by others.
  • Calls to replace fuses or reset residual current devices or circuit breakers.
  • Damage when the system has been serviced by anyone other than THCI, or our authorised service agent.
  • Damage caused by others during construction, renovation, etc.
  • Damage caused by unauthorised modification.
  • Damage caused by accident, neglect, misuse, lightning strike or act of God, or other issues beyond our control.
  • Any damage, which arises from the builders, tilers, or any other third party failing to comply with our site instructions, is also not included in our Warranty.

The Heating Company will:

  1. Wherever possible endeavour to repair any fault to a factory issue standard and return it to you at no charge.

  2. Where repair is not possible or practical we will replace the product with the same or similar product.

  3. If a repair or replacement is not possible due to the product being unavailable we will exchange it for any of The Heating Company's products of the same value as your original purchase price.

  4. Where none of the above solutions is possible or practical then you have the option of receiving a full refund.


For any warranty enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 Heating (432846) or novi@thci.co.nz